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July 22, By Cille Anne 23 Comments. Last year in September, I shared in a separate blog post about how my husband and I found a huge mother plant of E. I did thought that this evergreen vine was Monstera deliciosa at first. The E. Of the 4 cuttings, 3 survived, all those that were planted in soil. I used regular garden soil, not mix with anything.

  • Dragons Tail (Rhaphidophora Decursiva)
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  • Dragon Tail
  • Philodendron Dragon Tail (Raphidophora Decursiva)- Tropicals/Houseplants
  • Monstera Dragon Tail/ Monstera Deliciosa Plant
  • Dragon Tail Totem
  • Robot or human?
  • Epipremnum Pinnatum Dragon Tail | 170mm
  • 7 low-maintenance indoor plants that you probably won't kill

Dragons Tail (Rhaphidophora Decursiva)

The Dragon Tail Plant is a glossy green-leaved vining plant. As this plant matures it will develop splits in the leaves that look similar to a Monstera Deliciosa plant. This plant can be trained to climb or left to trail down from a shelf. Instructions for utilising this self-watering planter are included on the base of this Melbourne-made design. You can select the delivery date on the cart page.

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We want you to be completely happy with your flowers and we'll work to make it right. Item added to your cart. Continue shopping. Skip to product information. Sold out. Couldn't load pickup availability Refresh. Includes: 1 x Indoor Plant - Dragon Tail 1 x Mr Kitly mm Self Watering Pot colour may vary Instructions for utilising this self-watering planter are included on the base of this Melbourne-made design.

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Browse results for dragon tail plant on Carousell Philippines. PLANTS ASSORTED PLANT INDOOR OUTDOOR GIANT GOLDEN POTHOS DRAGON TAIL ETC.

Dragon Tail

Rhaphidophora decursiva is a stunning easy-to-grow plant with dark green, glossy leaves. The juvenile version has entire leaves while newer leaves emerge with slits as the plant matures. In its full form, the leaves can have numerous thin slits along each side, appearing almost like a palm. Rhaphidophora is a genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family, commonly known as the Aroid family. Most of the species are climbing plants, and some are sought after for their shingling habit. Its epiphytic nature makes it suitable as a houseplant as it is adapted to a range of light conditions. Rhaphidophora is closely related to the Monstera genus. Product photo shown is for reference only.

Philodendron Dragon Tail (Raphidophora Decursiva)- Tropicals/Houseplants

Had to crane my neck to look at the tiered mid-green and mustard variegated leaves which are bigger at the upper reaches. Stopped to admire this handsome tree along a riverside track on my walk this morning. Epipremnum is found in tropical forests from China, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia to Australia the western Pacific. They are evergreen perennial vines climbing with the aid of aerial roots.

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Monstera Dragon Tail/ Monstera Deliciosa Plant

With her trailing evergreen vine that can grow over 1 metre long, Daisy our Dragon Tail will make the perfect statement houseplant. Daisy thrives in bright, indirect sunlight but she will also tolerate low light conditions. Being a drought-tolerant indoor plant and not requiring a lot of water, we suggest you water her when the top layer of her soil seems dry. Due to her hardiness and low maintenance nature, she will make a perfect choice if you are a new plant parent. Fun Fact: Daisy grows striking deep green leaves that split from the edge with new thriving and lush growth, resembling the appearance of a dragon's tail. Water sparingly during autumn and winter.

Dragon Tail Totem

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Common Name: Dragon-Tail Plant, Taro Vine, Silver Vine, 龙尾草, 麒麟叶, 麒麟尾, 龟背竹, 拎树藤, 上树龙, 狮尾草, 狮子尾. Just Plant ONLY (packed with wrap.

Robot or human?

Pot measurements: - diameter is 26cm - height is 25cm Hoping to find a plant lover who is more suitable to take care of her. PHP 1, I had not owned this plant yet due to it's huge size and my limited garden space. Actually, it felt too easy.

Epipremnum Pinnatum Dragon Tail | 170mm


Dragon Tail plant, or Epipremnum pinnatum, is a lavish plant popular for its striking foliage and classy appearance. This evergreen vine resembles a pothos and a monstera plant due to its lobed leaves and long branches. Its leaves change shape as they mature, and its foliage bloom during summers. This lovely Epipremnum plant is widely grown indoors as a houseplant. It can be grown in hanging baskets or in small-sized pots. Epipremnum is a genus of flowering plants.

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7 low-maintenance indoor plants that you probably won't kill

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Botanical name — Epipremnum pinnatum Common name — D ragon tail plant, Dragon pothos, Split leaf Ivy Description — This slow growing species of Epipremnum has large, glossy green leaves that begin to split with maturity, giving it the appearance of a traditional dragon's tail. Location — Needs a well-drained soil in areas of great natural light, although can be tolerable of lower light areas if not over watered. Care — Low maintenance, allowing soil to completely dry between watering.

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