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Confirmation flowers

Confirmation is a sacrament instituted by the Catholic Church, it is also called confirmation as those who receive it confirm the promises made during baptism by their parents. It was once celebrated together with baptism in the West. It is a very important sacrament as the confirmed individual receives the anointing with sacred chrism from the bishop himself. At first, this sacrament was not given a specific name, then it began to be called a seal, referring to the cross with holy oil that the bishop makes on the subject's forehead on the day of confirmation; it took the name of confirmation only from 400. Also this occasion, like baptism and communion, is seen and lived as a feast; the families of the confirmands prepare refreshments in their homes and organize festive lunches, the churches are festively decorated and thrilled for the bishop's arrival. Of course, as for baptism and communion, also for the sacrament of confirmation it is customary to give gifts, very often precious objects or other things are given that will remain at the confirmation as a memory for the whole life. As with all religious sacraments, also for this reason, however, a floral gift is very recurrent. The churches are covered with beautiful white flowers, roses, lilies, etc., which accompany the confirmands on their way to the altar. As with the other sacraments of baptism and communion, confirmation can also be received in adulthood; without these sacraments it is not possible to celebrate a religious marriage but only a civil one.

The flowers

As we said in the previous paragraph, even on the occasion of confirmation it is often customary to give flowers. The predominant color is certainly white, a symbol of purity and whiteness. Frequently the churches are decorated with roses, lilies, calla lilies and other flowers all strictly white, but also with compositions of mixed flowers in cheerful colors, as this sacrament must also be joy and cheerfulness. Below we will give you some ideas in case you need to make a floral gift on the occasion of this sacrament.

A beautiful bouquet of delicately scented freesias, viburnum and gypsophila with green leaves for ornamentation, will be an elegant and appreciated floral gift; or we could choose white gerberas always with green to complete the beautiful packaging. Always indicated, even on this occasion, there can be wonderful white roses together with green fern leaves. Simpler but no less important, it can be a tender bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers such as alstromeria and lisianthus, always surrounded by green leaves.

  • Give flowers to a man

    Well yes, even men can be given flowers, it is to dispel that cliché that says that flowers are given only to women, and why ?! Flowers give us a sense of happiness and serenity ...

DIY decorative butterflies and garden Easter flower arrangements

Stafil Marianne hobby | Rayher

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Color and sympathy land in creativity land at the best price of decorative butterflies use crafts, DIY home and garden, Easter flower arrangements, window displays and wedding, theater setting, photographer backdrops.

The light blue tulle butterflies are to be glued, all the others in the showcase have a metal underwire, a moldable iron stem, very useful for any processing, whether they are used to liven up bonsai, plants as mini garden miniatures (to be inserted into the soil ) of balcony and terrace, whether you want to decorate the furniture or curtains. If you prefer, the metal stems can be removed from the center of the butterfly and you can apply a double-sided tape or glue with hot glue - universal attachment.

0.99 € is the first price of the set of 4 butterflies 3.5 cm of tulle with glitter and light blue sequins, on the sales range 1.05 € you can choose the lot of 6 butterflies in the white iris variant in 3 cm fabric or in the white-pink one with acrylic crystals.

2.05 € of 1 set with 3 shaded green Easter butterflies of which 2 lighter with greenish edge and 1 in the colors of the undergrowth, 6 cm, most-wished for eco-friendly creations and a green world.

€ 2.90 of 1 set with 6 shaded yellow Easter butterflies 2 of which are more champagne yellow, 2 have an orange border and the other 2 are light orange. The 3.5 cm size makes them particularly suitable for wedding favors and sugared almond bags.

2.85 € of 1 set with 4 pink peach Easter butterflies with alternating shades from champagne to peach and deep pink. They measure 4.5 cm and are a jolly of the compositions with 4 seasons flowers, beautiful in Easter decorations, they lend themselves to being decorated with glitter and glitter (not included but available separately) to build an alternative Christmas tree.

€ 3.15 of 1 set with 4 butterflies including 1 gray, 1 pink, 1 fuchsia, 1 red. The size is 5.5 cm, the assortment has been designed for any DIY craft use, even as a gift wrapper.

€ 2.90 of 1 set with 6 red butterflies and bright colors the top for wedding favors or decorations when the bride has chosen the bold colors for the accessories of her dress, the red of love and the blue of good luck. Measure 3 cm perfect for any scenography and setting, even green walls in the house made with real or artificial plants or Nordic moss.

Decorative ideas with butterflies for creative hobbies are 1000 + 1 with flight of wings on the confetti boxes, between ribbons and small flowers or smiling applications for the favors of events or ceremonies at Easter, lashing pictorial brushstroke in the flower compositions creations transversal to all materials such as fommy rubber crepla felt felt crepe paper or beads, on the twigs of bonsai trees of Venetian pearls, in wedding arrangements with tree of life as billboards, tableau mariage and in shop windows, in booths of hobby craft fairs, garden parties, DIY crafts, setting of the photographer or costumes of theater stage.

Where to buy artificial butterflies of fake feathers for florists and arrangements? On offer are to be purchased here online by clicking on the buy now button, also order by phone in the Tiger Bazar sales shop Le Bravi Viadana Casalmaggiore, our family emporium since 1983, shop specialized in do-it-yourself creative hobbies ecommerce favors, articles for compositions and flower decorations since 2001.

Discover much more on offer among accessories to create as florists, by tapping on gutta-percha for our best prices:

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