My plum tree covered with flowers but no fruits help

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My plum tree covered with flowers but no fruits help me in blaming someone, at least not in the beginning. If someone has hurt or broken my precious tree I do not get angry at anyone. I simply say 'One who has broken it may get a stick from my tree and ask what it is he wants to eat or do. I do not blame anyone, I just wish to ask.'

I do not expect anything in return.

A desire to forgive is the greatest weapon we have, it is as powerful as any force, an inner voice that whispers and soothes, a lot like G-d in its tenderness and grace, saying: "Thou who art kind, have pity on my beloved."

I have chosen a path which is more challenging than the easier one. I had a few friends in my life who had a softer heart than I did, they missed out on the power of this form of inner resistance, and I therefore had to warn them.

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"Love, in the light of Christ, has so far forgotten its self,as to search for itself,yet with its whole being it seeks itself,and finds itself in a deeper love in light of the Cross. The love that seeks in vain, within itself, is the true love.

When we find that we are not who we thought we were,we have found G-d."

C.S. Lewis

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I Have Been Left Behind


"To return to Judaism for me is to go back to Judaism for Abraham, to a faith that is not really mine. For he who was a stranger in the land of Canaan, became a stranger there. The same Abraham who was left behind was already a stranger in Canaan at the time of Moses.”

Vilfredo Pareto

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I was born in Chile in 1943, into a family of European ancestry on both sides. My father's family came from Arequipa, Peru.

The communist putsch of '73 gave me the excuse to leave Chile, though I had no intention of doing so. My father was transferred to Panama, and from there to the USA.

I am married to a German (yes, those were the days...) and have a daughter and two granddaughters, living in Europe.

I am now retired. I write as much as I want, for as long as I want. The truth is that I write only when I have something to say, but only rarely am I paid for what I have to say.

The mission of this blog is twofold. It is intended to record my thoughts as I continue to be led by Providence, and also to record the emergence of thoughts that are increasingly forming in my own mind, for my own possible edification. The musings recorded here may seem impossible or exaggerated, but they are only that, attempts at expression.

Hope you will enjoy my writing...

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